Don’t follow God, be God.

Don’t follow God, do God.

Don’t follow God, act Godly

Don’t love God, love people. God is an expression of the people. If you truly love God you will love people. God doesn’t want to be loved; God wants us to love our fellow human beings. Us we love our fellow human being, we love God at same time.

Don’t wait to be given to give; give and you will be receiving. Blessed are the givers because they will always have in abundance.

Don’t wait for miracles, you are a miracle already, just do miracles, miracles are already within you.

Don’t wait for help from God. God helps those who help themselves and even blesses more those who help others too.

Don’t search for love, be love and give love. Those who share love are always loved.

“Today Give God To Your World”

– Maradona Chalwe