But we make a great mistake, we want to change the government, we want the government to give us a better lifestyle but we don’t want to change ourselves and we don’t want to give ourselves a better lifestyle.

We want the government or our employers to be responsible for our lives when actually we don’t want to be responsible for our own lives.

We want a fellow human being in the government organization to give us a good life when we are all human beings with the ability to give ourselves a good life.

We want God to become responsible for our lives, but we don’t want to take responsible for our lives and then we don’t even want to take responsible for what God has given us on this earth.

And when the government, employer or God doesn’t satiate our wants and needs, we become complaining and blaming robots when actually in reality our own lives is our own fault, our own lives is in our own hands rooting from our own thought acceptance and thinking.  As a man thinketh so the reality your life shall become.

Question: So whose fault or responsibility is my life?

Answer: Your own responsibility.

Point: Nothing can help to change a person who is not ready to change himself, not even the government.

Why? Because a government is a unity of individuals who actually have wants and needs too; why would they spend all their term time satisfying you for everything you ask them to do to you, when actually you have the capacity, the energy, and your mind to think, create and have what you want to become.

Today governments are broke and have problems beyond political mentality, but still majority of the citizens in every country are busy wanting the government to care for their lives even when everyone on this earth has been created already within with the power to control, create and lead the life they really want to experience, not the most lies promised life they are really expecting told from the governments.

Majority of citizens in every country have developed an entitlement mentality of the expecting the government to do almost everything even that which their capable of doing for themselves; that’s why so many people are lacking thinking in this world simply because they want a few people to think for them what to do for their lives.

Question: “Why is it the majority people in every country have become willing tools of the law?”

Answer: “Because they have let a few do their thinking for them” said Charles Haanel in his book the ‘The Master-Key System’.

The problem is that most people are willing to job and eat only, and not willing to think and put to work their thought ideas. Most people are willing to let the government, the employer, their spouse, family, religion or a few people do their thinking for them and tell them what to do, and become their employee. These are the people who have developed an entitlement mentality, who have little or no power to take control of their own lives. So they depend on others, especially the government even when they have seen today that governments is the waste organization to depend your life on, more especially when it comes to a financial life.

Most people are so ignorant that they don’t know that they don’t depend on the government; the government depends on them; without them without the government. In 1850 the French political economist, Frederic Bastiat stated;

“Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone”.

It’s time to take control of your financial life, your life and your future, simply because it’s your own life, not your government, employer, spouse or religion, No! It’s your life, your fault, and your responsibility.  Take control of your life if you really want to know what it means to live your own worth life.