Love Yourself First.

Never regret someone who ones made you feel happy before. If changes happen, accept responsibility and choose to move on together or alone. Never bring the previous bad relationship feelings in a new relationship. This is what causes a mature relationship.

Be the first to share love and respect to your partner.

Live your passion. Do what you love.

Give freedom your partner.

Communicate effectively, positively with your partner.

Solve problems together.

Never bring jealousy in your relationship.

Empower each other. Progress spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically together.

Keep your relationship young and adventurous as from the start.

Never control your partner’s life, empower your partner’s life.

Always be a solution giver, not a pollution giver to your partner. Use empowering words that build.

These principles are not all necessarily for love relationships but also for team relationship, business and friendship relationship. Remember that if you give a good life your partner, your partner will give you a good life too. The world treats you the same way you treat it.