We are never taught that is why success is so difficult for the majority of us!Never and not once, neither in primary school or high school, not even in university have I learn’t what success means, meant, but all the success I learn’t in school was to become an employee, actually if was the old times, to become a slave. All I learn’t was taught is to memorize numbers, words, essays of long gone people who most of them their knowledge doesn’t even make sense to learn about in this modern world of technology and information.

All I was taught was to memorize information that taught, conditioned me to become an employee who should labor to make other people in fact a few people successful with their lives after I leave school especially the rich people, the government and religion.

From nursery school to grade 6  in Kafue Gorge Township were I was born, to grade 9 up until high school grade 12 at Mwense Boys Secondary in the other Township in Mwense District, no one taught me the simple technique of setting goals, of motivating myself and others, of learning and overcoming adversity, of eliminating negative habits, of using time and lifetime wisely, of practicing the power of choice, of developing self-confidence, of taking risks, of generating enthusiasm within, of organizing my life productively, of accumulating wealth, of getting people to give me what I want, of looking like a winner, of discovering my talents, of becoming a parent not a mother or father, of handling stress, of counting my blessings, of appreciating life, of appreciating others…..so much more……..

I sit my mind often; ask myself what then is school for if it doesn’t teach kids these simple techniques that bring about a successful life?

Success is not a word often used in our school vocabulary training system. And I have come to realize that;

“Education is the key to success”

But Not School!

“School is not the key to success”

Education and school are totally different working systems like they are different in words. We have a lot of school derelicts with chains of diplomas, degrees, masters to PhD’s but living in poverty, still slaves of a few people, still facing miserable lifestyles; and are the ones we send our kids to be taught by them  to become successful after they leave school. Think about this? As a parent think about this?

And get this…………….;

Point: If going to school made a student a millionaire, teachers who would teach for a period of 12 years would be billionaires. Now that doesn’t happen like that.

Education comes from within, while school comes from outside. Education is inspirational, while school is manipulated motivational.

Inspire: The word comes from the Latin “Inspiratio” meaning “in spirit” or “inspired by god”.

Motivate: The word comes from Latin “motere” meaning “to move”.

The problem is this, if you motivate externally rather than inspire internally, motivation becomes manipulation; that’s why school-system is a manipulating and a scam system; a factory that produces consumers instead of producers. That’s why success is so very difficult for the majority of people who go to school to achieve simply because we are never taught how to live a self successful life. Leave a comment below.

“It’s time that we had uncommon schools that we did not leave off our education when we begin to be men and women” – Henry David Thoreau