It’s not the lack of money, lack of food or not having a job or not having a business, not having a school, or not having an investment or having a poor economy that keeps people in poor, No!. Actually poverty is not so much spoken its root cause, all the common school researchers say poverty is lack of money or food, no. Poverty roots from having poor spiritual-beings in our environments.

The reason why people are poor is simply that; an individual, a family or that nation has people with poor spirits. The real person is a spiritual-being. We are not physical beings; we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies.  This is why many individuals, families, and nations are poor economically because they have poor spiritual beings.

“The country is a reflection of its citizen’s predominant thought”

– Maradona Chalwe

Therefore, if one wants, desires, needs, thinks to become rich, to have a successful life, one must first begin to change their poor spirit to a rich spirit. Spirituality is the essence, the cause, the creation of our lives we were experiencing past, experiencing now and we will be experiencing in the future.

Remember that, if an individual or a community wants to become successful with their lives; they need first a spiritual paradigm shift from having poor spirited individuals to having wealthy rich spirited people, simply because the poor people of the 21st century are not those without money, food or school, but those without a rich spirit, rich information and rich skills, as author of the famous financial and personal development book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki put it this way;

“Before you can transform your wallet from poor to rich, you have to transform your spirit from poor to rich.”


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Maradona Chalwe is an Educational Entrepreneur, Promoter, Teacher, Editor, Social Worker, Writer, Researcher and Author of 7 Finance and Personal Development Educational Books. Founder: Rich Trainings Institute