I am spending time thinking about what I am going to do for others lives. You are spending time thinking about what others are going to do for your life.

I am spending time using and giving what I have. You are spending time letting others use and give what you have.

I am spending time investing in myself first. You spending time investing others first, this is a losers mindset.

I am spending money investing in ‘cash flowing in’ assets. You are spending money investing in ‘cash flowing out’ liabilities.

I am spending time building networks. You are spending time looking jobs. The rich people build networks, the rest look for jobs.

I am spending time seeing problems as opportunities. You are spending time seeing opportunities as problems.

You are spending 7 hours every day watching that idiot box called television. I am spending 7 hours and more every day planning and building my business, writing and editing my books and articles and studying success books every day. Who do you think will become successful in life?

That got me thinking about an individual. No wander successful people are successful and poor people are poor, which got me thinking that got me thinking.