A case was brought for judgment before King Solomon involving two women who were housemates. Each of the two women had a baby, but one woman at night accidentally slept on her baby and killed it. Then, still in the night, took her dead baby and put it next to her friend and took her friend’s live baby and put it next to her.

When morning came they started quarreling about the ownership of the live baby. The case was brought before King Solomon for judgment. The king finally ruled that the live baby should be cut in half and be divided between the two quarreling women. The woman who stole the live baby from her friend accepted the judgment, simply out of jealousy and dishonesty, while the woman who was the real mother of the live baby did not accept the judgment out of the love of her baby, because it meant that her baby would be killed.

She pleaded with the king not to kill her baby, but instead to give it to her friend so that her baby could live. From this act of love for her baby and honesty, the king knew that she was the real mother of the live baby, and she was given back her baby.

Point: You must always be honest in order to experience favors and all good and positive circumstances in your life.