I Maradona Chalwe as i get older I realize that their three types of people one should never waste their lifetime with, if there to experience a meaningful fulfilling lifestyle of purpose and of appreciating the abundance and the beauty of Mother Nature.

People Who Don’t Risks

There is nothing more scaring for me than spending my life-time around people who are not risk takers. Get this point, the people who play it safe today are the riskiest people to be around with. If one cannot sacrifice to leave a good life you want, then why waste your life spending your precious time with such a person. 



Object ruined people, who are controlled by material staff, are small people. Have you heard of a saying that little people talk about other people, middle people talk about things and big people talk about ideas and principles? People with ideas and principles can have anything they want in terms of material staff, but are never controlled by anything outside themselves like the way the little and middle people are emotionally controlled by jobs, money, or liabilities like a car, a houses, paycheck, college certificate, etc.

Better to spend your life time associating with big people who talk about ideas and principles than being around middle and poor class people who life is controlled by materialism, and when that material is taking away from them, they remain destitute, stupid and orphans, that’s why you must not spend more time with such people with such a mentality.

Big people who share and talk about ideas and principles understand this, “If you peel away the material possessions or position of a person whose confidence is based upon their exterior world, there is nothing left of them. Make certain you have developed a center of inner strength within yourself that will enable you to stand, despite whatever confusion or bewilderment may be talking place” said Bob Proctor, the International bestselling author, ‘The Art of Living”.



Life is abundance and abundance is our birth right. Life has unlimited opportunities of wealthy, health and happiness, then why arm low and cheap with your life when life is not low and cheap. Moreover also sin is arming low and living below our means as Sir Ken Robinson said, “For most of us the problem isn’t that we aim too high and fail, it’s just the opposite. We aim too low and succeed”. We are here to do extraordinary things with what we have already within us. “God’s gift to you is more talent and ability than you could possibly use in your lifetime. Your gift to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as you can in this lifetime”, said Steve Bow

What you settle for stays with you. Why settle for average when you can be phenomenal? Why live in a chicken coop when you can fly like an eagle? You are the gate keeper of your destiny. Shut the door to ordinary and open your life to extraordinary.

Begin to associate with people who are risk takers, people who share and talk about ideas and principles that inspire you to live a great life, a life of thinking big, of doing great things for your life and others lives and more importantly going for an extraordinary lifestyle with your lifetime. Remember that life is a project, please run it at a profit.