Many of them have no idea what to do next for their life but only what they are or were taught in school and that is to look for another job; but that’s obsolete thinking that you will continual working, what if you are no longer able to work physically.

With this high level of unemployment people are getting laid off from high income jobs, and if they look for another job, it’s a low income job, and while others cannot even find jobs simply because today with higher entrepreneur technological leverage, we are having few and fewer jobs and wages coming down lower and lower due to human-labor replaced by cheaper programmed technological and robotic labor.

Technological labor is an advantage for entrepreneurs because its reduces the number of workers needed to run a business, and entrepreneurs win; while on the other side of the coin this becomes a burden for job seeks especially students who are leaving school only to end up in a society without jobs.

You might wonder what then school is for if students who are finishing college are only ending up orphanages without jobs in our societies. School’s purpose is to produce employees, but it’s producing more trained students to become employees in our societies but end up in a society without getting meaningful jobs. What then is school for?