Today many families have boomerang kids who leave home and go to school, only to return unemployed and unable to survive in the real world. Being taught to become an employee has become a crime in our societies to kids today; kids cannot make any meaningful difference today in our societies simply because they only thing they have been taught do from school to look for jobs, and not create jobs or start a business.

All they do these boomerang kids do is to wait to be told what to do for their lives, wait to be given a job, only thing they see is a job, and cannot see the work needed to be done around them. I tell my fellow youths who are boomerangs that today jobs are problems, but only see the problem as a problem instead of a problem as a job to look for a solution to offer and a job will be given to you.

If we want youths to have jobs today, let’s train them to work to solve problems, and through solving problems, jobs will be offered to them. In today’s world problems are jobs, and jobs are rooting from solving problems, not dependence of a job on our broke government. If you are a problem solver, jobs will find no matter where you will go. People who are in control of their lives are problem solvers. Deep depend on yourself and not own your broke government.   

“The problem with the world is not enough problem solvers. The more problems you solve, the richer you will become” – Robert Kiyosaki; Author: Rich Dad Poor Dad