Success in any area you want to succeed in has a price. You can have anything you want if you are willing to pay the price in full before you have success at your success table. Here are success prices you have to pay to be, do and have success?

Failure / Mistakes

Nobody ever become successful without failing or making some mistakes. Failure, mistakes are part of success, their required to make in the process to success. The reason why some people are successful others not is that the successful where willing to fail in order to succeed, while the unsuccessful were not.  

Winston Churchill defined success as this, “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”, and only the successful can admit this. Remember that their no mistakes, but only learning lessons. Be willing to pay the price failure to achieve your success.

Thinking Success and Big Most Times

Successful people paid the price to think success most times. You become what you think about most, and the reason why unsuccessful people are not successful is because they spend time thinking about how things won’t work out, and for sure they don’t work out. Unsuccessful people spend time thinking about lack, poverty, excuses doubt, and fear.  

Thinking is the hardest job there is, that’s why most people are not successful simply because they’re not willing to think success all times. Most people are willing to job and eat, not willing to think and produce. Therefore think big simply because you cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced thinking. Thinking success and big all times is the price you have to pay too to achieve success. You become what you think about most times.  

Letting Go of Unempowering Relationships

You cannot achieve success by hanging around with losers, wimps with your life. Only people thinking success, those successful will help you become successful. You just have to let go of unempowering friends, boyfriends or girl friends; better get a divorce than force yourself in a relationship that is not empowering you, but first be that person that empowers other first.

Remember that your enemy is not a person who hates you, insults you, beats you, or steals from you, No! Your enemy is a person who does not add and multiply value in you.

Learning New Everyday

You have to learn something new every day in your field and other fields too. You have to pay the price to ready, research, study everyday in your field if you have to become and keep your success. Eric Hoofer said, “In times of change, the learners will inherit earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with the world that no longer exist”.

Financial Education

People who are financially educated have the ability and opportunities to achieve and leave successful lives than those without. Financial education and personal development education is the key to leave a fully successful life. 

Successful people are learning and changing, while the unsuccessful think they know it all. Successful people understand that they is more to learning, than being learned. That’s why “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly or it vanishes” said Peter Drucker. Keep on learning more if you want to keep success.


You have to commit yourself to your success ideas if you have to bring your success to reality. Commitment is the ability to give yourself a command on your success goals and disciplinely follow through them till success is achieved, no matter what the odds. Only those people, who get committed to work on their dreams every day, achieve success greatness. In fact it takes 5 to 7 years to be a master at your field you have chosen to venture in, talent or business, it takes those years. Therefore, the difference between those who achieve great success and no success is that if you expect to make it big you must work toward your objectives every day.

Work: Work Hard On Constructive Work

“In all labor there is profit, but idle chatter leads to poverty” says the Proverbs 14: 23 in the Bible. Most people are in careers or jobs they don’t love and enjoy at all, but simply being their because there is a good salary, that’s insanity; that’s not working and thinking constructively. Remember this point; if you are doing what you don’t love, you are wasting your life, your time and that’s insanity too.

Work hard on work that is important for your life and others lives. Most people just pretend to be happy on jobs they hate but deep down their hearts are in pain, they are just doing it because of a salary, pathetic; love what you do and do what you love, life is too short to be doing activities of pain. Life is a project, live it with a joyful profit.

“To get profit without risk, experience without danger, and reward without work, is as impossible as it is to live without being born”

– A.P. Gonthey