It’s the type of education you have been taught, that’s what makes you or has made you to be where you are today.

Academic Education: Where we learn to read and write, very important too. This is from grade 1 to somewhere grade 4 to grade five, these are the grades we learn to read and write. From grade 5 to 12 high school it’s preparing a student to become an employee. Go to school, study hard, and go into university and get good grades, get a job with benefits and the job will take of you. This prepares students for the next education.  

Professional Education: A professional to become a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, carpenter etc. Important for becoming an employee, for example an employee for money like most people work for money, or an employee for a small business like small business owners, an employee for the rich or an employee for the government to pay more taxes. College or university trains you this type of education.  

Personal Development Education: Education that makes people realize there God given gifts, talents or genius. It s also the education that helps you build yourself confidence to face and overcome any problem. The education also that helps to inspire and motivate others for success.

Financial Education: That makes a person become, do and live rich wealthy lifestyle. This is the type of education that helps a person to build assets for example big businesses and investments that generate cash flowing in or cash flow. If you want to be rich, work for passive income” said Robert Kiyosaki author ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

These are all important educations if you desire to become rich, but the problem  is  that  the  poor  and  middle  class  only  end  at  academic  and Professional education simply because that’s what they have been taught in their  homes  and  schools  too.  In many homes children  learn  about money  from  the  poor  and  middle  class  parents,  and  that’s  what mainly they end up becoming too, poor and middle class people.

The rich invest in all the four educations but mostly invest 85% and above percent in personal development and financial education.  It’s  a  different  kind  of education  that’s  what  makes  the  poor,  middle class  and  rich  end  up becoming who they become with their lives.