What the poor and middle class people want is what differentiates them from  what  the  rich  people  want;  and  what  they  both  want  is  what differentiates  what  they  do,  become,  have  and  experience  with  and  in their lives. 

Here are the differences of between the poor, middle class from the rich class people, and you will be able to select to which side you will go for; I have chosen myself to go for a rich class, that’s why I have written this book for you to choose for yourself too.

Poor / Middle Class Wants;

  • Security
  • Fairness
  • Seek jobs
  • Comfort
  • Want to receive more
  • Buy liabilities
  • Create short-term riches
  • Buy liabilities
  • Build liabilities

Rich Class Wants

  • Power
  • Authority or control care
  • Freedom
  • Create wealth
  • Progress (change)
  • Give more
  • Create and buy assets
  • Create long-term riches or wealth

Though there many differences between the rich from the poor – middle class people; however these are among the top differences between the rich from the poor – middles class people.