Those Who What To Be Liked

These are people who might do almost anything in their line to want everyone to like them. But the problem with this mind is that, if you want to impress everyone, you will never impress anyone. Jim of all jungles becomes Jim of all junks. Only fools want to impress everyone.

Those Who Are Comfortable

“The lust of comfort murders the passion of the soul”, said Kahlil Gibran, author of ‘The Prophet’. These are people who their house is in trouble but they just sit of the couch watching TV hoping God or things will solve themselves off. For such people as long as their comfortable with a nice Toyota, nice house, nice wife, a stand paycheck, all is ok; but such people never grow and never go anyway, their soul, mind are just stagnate and paralyzed to where they are. We are in the global financial problems, these guys as long as their paycheck is stead, their comfortable, not realizing what if am fired or the paycheck is taking away from me, such thoughts never cross in their heads until it happens. Its waste place to stay in, called the comfort zone.

Those Who Want To Be Right

These are people like lawyers, teachers, Doctors etc.; but the problem with this group is that sticking to what you think is right now is dangerous simply because things, the world is rapidly changing faster and it’s like what Erick Hoofer said that “In times of change the learners will inherit the earth, but the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with world that no longer exist”. These guys don’t know that there is more to learning than just being learned. I don’t spend my life sticking to the right answers when things are changing. What if the answers have changed, and you are stuck to them like those trained by the school-system. When things are changing it’s a sigh that there is no one right answer to do things. Keep changing. 

Those Who Want To Win

These are the guys who are constantly changing, learning and being update to new changes. These are people who inherit the earth that Erick Hoofer talked about. They don’t do things to be liked; they do things because they just want to win.

These are the guys who take risks; comfort is not their world, that’s why they take risks because all they want is to win. They don’t want to be right because they understand that they is no one right answer to do things, the world has millions possibly billions of ways to do things. Their desire to win is greater than the desire to be liked, to be comfortable and to be right. This is the group that make progressive success happening.

This is where I Maradona Chalwe I am, I just want to Win. It’s up to you to choose which group you will choose to fall in yourself.