It’s amazing how we have been designed by the creator at an individual level with our own perception of life situation, your own interpretation of things that are happening in your life. Indeed nothing has meaning other than the meaning we give it ourselves. Someone said, “A problem is a problem how you see it”.  Pessimists people see difficulties in their mistakes, but optimistic people see positive lessons to improve-up the quality if their life in every mistake faced. A person, who sees opportunities in difficulty, has an optimistic mindset of this kind which sees possibilities like this in every mistake faced;

“When life you gives you lemons, make Lemonade drink.”

William Shockly

Nobel Prize winner & Inventor of the Transistor.

M = Motivation

Motivation to keep on advancing the quality of life through learning positive lessons from every mistake encountered. Life’s Experiences inspire them to keep moving forward no matter what the situation they are going through. They motivate themselves by building on what they’re good at. Improve themselves by working on skills they don’t have, and learning from every mistake they experienced.  

It’s not what others think and see you when you make mistakes, it’s how you think and see yourself in mistakes you are facing. What is important is not what others think and see you; it’s how you think and see yourself that is what is important. If you see yourself unworthy because you made those mistakes, you are correct because you are what you think you are. If you see worthy to learn from your mistake, you are right. It’s what you see in mistakes encountered that counts and makes a difference in your life. 

“Remember also that you are not your mistakes. Those are just events you should learn from, and if anyone refuse to look at you in a new light and they can only see you for what you were, only see you for the mistakes you’ve made, if they don’t realize that you are not your mistakes, then they have to go. Your own mistake can empower you if you if you find positivity in them, that’s reason it’s a priority thing in life how you think about yourself in a mistake situation. Motivate yourself through adversity, problems or in mistakes, because the key to success in lies in seeing possibilities in every difficulty we face.   

I = Integrity

Success mind sees mistakes as an opportunity to improve their integrity and become complete. Integrity has its characteristics; honesty, kindness, caring, beauty, courage and faithfulness.  Integrity is derived from Greek Latin root, which means “Purity and moral upright.”  Indeed honesty is the best policy. The Proverbs say, “As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more. But the righteous is an everlasting foundation.”

Your integrity is the best foundation in every area of your life business. You have to admit when you have made a mistake and apologize, you don’t need to blame others for your made mistakes, learn a wise lesson from them. Integrity means accepting 100% responsibility for your thoughts, attitude and actions; your thoughts, attitude and actions attracts things you face in life and you don’t need to blame others for that, but learn from them and grow from them. Integrity means finding righteousness in your mistakes and other people’s mistakes. An integrity person is one who accepts mistakes and learns from them and life goes on.       

S = Success

No one ever achieved greater success without making mistakes. In fact, success is not for the weak or uninspired people. It’s for the strong, wise and courageous people who know what they want and go get it no matter what the odds, who meet difficulties head on, take over obstacles and made them opportunities. Successful people find their weakness and make them their strengths. Mistakes learnt become opportunities that lead to success. Remember that “A person who never made mistake, never tried anything new”, Albert Einstein. Mistakes may lead you to success if you learn from them, keep on learning and you keep on growing.

T – Truth

Truth is the only imperative in this world. Truth told lives a mind peaceful. Truth untold keeps the mind guilt even though years from now. You can’t lie to yourself. Tell the truth and will be free. Its better you die for the truth than living for lies, which later comes back for you. Bob Proctor in his book “You are born Rich” said, “Those who know the truth learn to love it. Those who love the truth learn to live it.” Success is truth and truth is success. If you are scared of truth in the road to success, then cut off yourself from getting successful. “Know the truth, and the truth share set you free.” Remember that;

“The truth hates fools, but inspires a wise man to grow”

Maradona Chalwe

A = Acceptance & Awareness

For others just to accept that it’s my fault, my cause is a forcing matter. The way to solve a problem is to accept I attracted or created that mistake, so I must accept the situation. The beginning of life transformation is acceptance and awareness of your responsibility in every mistake you face and take action to fix it. Every development from Governmental level, work place, spirituality and family level is acceptance of your individual responsibility and mine and our human responsibility. If you can’t, then don’t expect any change, but expect the other change of going backwards to poverty and unexciting miserable lifestyle.

Acceptance and awareness of the mistakes awakens opportunities to fix any mistake faced. No mistakes are to greater to fail to bounce back. We are learning people, and where there is learning, mistakes are inevitable. Should that stop you from learning because learning, change or growing comes with mistakes, No! That must inspire you to learn more and make it big in life. Change begins by accepting responsibility of your experiences you have caused in your life. Acceptance and awareness of situations is the foundation of every change in your life.

K – Knowledge  

We grow mentally through understanding our experiences we go through in our lives. Experienced learnt positive, is shared to inspire and protect others from not making the mistakes made before. Understanding what you learnt from your mistake is the beginning of having wisdom. The purpose of mistakes is to gain knowledge to correct the errors and make progress in life. Wisdom means,” Wis” means “Wise” – “Dom” means “Mind.” A wise-mind accepts full responsibility of its life. All knowledge-growth is inspired mistakes learnt from. “Let your mistakes be wisdom, not waste”. Remember that knowledge is the new money and wealthy today.

E – Expect the Best (First)

Expect the best from every situation you encounter in life. Expectancy is the law of life and what you expect is the future of your future. Brain Tracy said, “You can never rise higher than your expectations of yourself. Expect the best.”                              

In school, homes, religion, place of work; most of us have been conditioned and brought up to view mistakes as bad, which actually has left so main people underdeveloped, guilt, aggressive and dangerous because you are never programmed to learn from them, and transform your life. Robert kiyosaki gave a very good example of how I was programmed wrongly too in school, to feel guilt about the mistakes I made; and when you feel guilt it is very difficult to learn and you may end up doing the same mistakes again.

Robert kiyosaki said, “In school we learn that mistakes are bad, and we are punished for making them. Yet, if you look at the way humans are designed to learn, we learn by making mistakes. We learn to walk by falling down. If we never fell down, we would never walk.” Accept your full responsibility of your mistakes, take action to fix them and you begin to see transformation in your life. Whoever desires to achieve success, I offer encouragement to take action upon your goals or dreams, make mistakes, correct, learn and improve. Encourage means “Energize courage” within you to achieve big from your mistakes. 

“There no mistakes in life, just learning opportunities.

Robert Kiyosaki,

Author: Rich Dad Poor Dad.