“A person, who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”, Albert Einstein.

The Ancient saying says, “All things must grow, or they die.” Our highest purpose is to learn from our experiences and move on with life as put it, “Make mistake, learn, and life goes on differently”.  If not, life goes on the same or backwards. It is very easy to stay the same in life but difficult to make a change and grow from experience for most people.

Things are constantly changing in all direction; those learning something new are constantly moving forward, those not are constantly going staying the same and going backwards. Robert Kiyosaki said, “It’s easy to stay the same, but it is not easy to change. Most people choose to stay the same all their lives.” Sameness Destroys Creativity. The reason why main fear change is because change comes with sacrifice, its own problems or obstacles too and some pain too.  

Truth is when you overcome such challenges; you are ready to get to the next advanced successful stages of life; and that end is full of abundant rewards, happiness and fulfillment as Confucius summed up this; “They must often change who would be in constant happiness.”

But where there is no change its comfortable, easiness and no pain; but the end results is frustration, misery and pain. People, who don’t want to change in life, end up in miserable lifestyle. It’s true that sameness destroys enthusiasm out of your life, destroys your creativity and can quickly have you banging on the psychiatrist’s door. People caught up in this cycle are the slaves to sameness. It’s true what someone Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same things, and expecting different results to happen.”

This is how those who don’t want to change become insane by complaining, and blaming others for things not changing; and remember to complain, fault finding and blame is all insanity. No one can change your perception to problems, only you, and for things to change you must change first. Your problems or fears are not the issue, you are the issue.   

The other challenge that some people have is the habit of taking or making small changes that do not add up to their life any worth value. They are scared to take big risks, big goals because they scared they will fail, so they end up existing small lives, being small people, living under their means and others means too  and keep on making the same problems of thinking and doing small ideas. Those who play it small in life, experience a boring and unexciting lifestyle. Small thinking only roots small people.

“What you settle for stays with you. Why settle for average when you can be phenomenal? Why live in a chicken coop when you can fly like an eagle? You are the gate keeper of your destiny. Shut the door to ordinary and open your life to extraordinary”

Remember you cannot live an advanced standard of life without first having an advanced standard of thinking. The secret of the great successful people is they think big ideas; and big thoughts have a tendency to eliminate small ideas, so that big ideas can reality big success lifestyle. So thinking big makes successful people to continual becoming big and big in life because as they think so they become, but you better be willing to make some mistakes if you want a big successful lifestyle.

“What you think, you attract, create and become. Think big”

Keep changing, you are not a tree. Those not changing have left everything to chance or lucky; but life is not a game of chance and lucky. It’s a game of cause and effect as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it that “Shallow men believe in lucky, but strong and wise men believe in cause and effect”. A good life is a life of change as Jim Rohn puts it, “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” Life is growth and growth is change. Your purpose is to learn from your mistakes and grow from them. Remember too that you are not your mistakes; those are just events to learn from and become a better person than you well yesterday for your world and yourself.   

A person, who learns from his mistakes, becomes a wise and mature. Wisdom is what makes him successful in whatever business he does. Mistakes are the best opportunity teacher of the world to learn from as the ancient teaching says, “The world is a teacher to the wise man and an enemy to a fool.” Mistakes are educational and can lead to success, because they simply mean you are doing something. Success is a learning journey that only ends when you live this earth. “Let your mistakes be wisdom, not wasted”.  

We are designed to be forward moving people, and we are designed to follow that way and failing to do that, we lead ourselves into failures in almost every area of our lifestyles. Oliver Wendell Holmes observed, “The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving”.  We don’t need to live like posters or monuments. We don’t either need to live in the past anymore or be like trees. Let the dead bury themselves. We should enjoy being, planning and advancing. The more you will learn important things and become important, the more you will succeed.

To be human is to make mistakes, and mistakes are to be learn’t from. That’s why there is repentance; repentance means learning from your mistakes and progressing from them. But if you are not learning from your mistakes then you are not being forgiven or you are not forgiven yourself; and this is what has made most people continual making the same mistakes, living poor or in poverty because they don’t want to learn from their poor mistakes, so they keep on repeating the same mistakes after mistakes without repenting. Not learning from our mistakes makes us stupid and obsolete.

“Repentance also means taking a step to make a progressive change”

Repentance from mistakes means learning from your mistakes, and when you reach this stage, mistakes are now progress stairs for they have made you a wise and mature person. Once you reach this stage, you will come to terms and conditions that the only mistake is the one not learnt from, that their no mistakes, but learning lessons. You will understand that, that is the reason why repentance is there. To be human is to learn from your mistakes; and also to understand that life is too short to make all the mistakes; you have to learn from other peoples mistakes too.

Let your mistakes be your wisdom, not waste. Mistakes may lead to success, because they mean you are doing something. All the best wherever you are.

“Let your mistakes be your wisdom, not your waste”

– Maradona Chalwe