Your God given gift is given to you to awaken other people’s gifts. Most people say only murders are people who kill their fellow human, well i think we have the most dangerous murders and these are people who don’t live life purpose, who don’t live their own, people who live their own talents; these are the most dangerous murderous in this world. 

If you are noting living your talents, gifts, abilities or potentials within you, you are a human spiritual murder, including a animal murder simply because animals have gifts.

To the point is that the Wright brothers; Wilbur and Orville Wright; inventors of an Aero-plane, the truth is, they were not the first dreamers of the idea of inventing an Aero-plane; before the Wright brothers Aero-plane dream was Otto Lilienthal the great Germany glider pilots of the late nineteenth century who died when experimenting that dream. It was until 1896 that the two became interested in Otto Lilienthal Aero-plane experiments. And they fulfilled the dream that was just begun by some other guy.

That’s why it is better to test your purpose though never fulfilled, others or maybe your grand children or children might pick it up and fulfill it or your dream, talent will continual to awaken other talents too, and they always do.

Now you can imagine today, we have more better planes than the Wright brothers invented; like the Boeing, Virginia Planes etc, and many better more are still being invented. Remember if tested and fulfilled; your purpose awakens others purposes too, and dreams awakens other dreams too. Creativity awakens more Creativity and genius awakens other genius. A genius is a generous person, they always think of sharing more. Be that person who shares your genius so that other can share their genius too. Live your dreams.