Everyone wants a happy ending, but a few are willing to create that happy ending. Moreover, a happy, successful rewarding future comes as a result of wise use of this present time.

The future is not something that happens to us, we create it through our thoughts and action we are entertaining in this now moment.

If you truly want to live a happy future, you can, the future is a choice; all you simply need is a mental picture of the future you really want, willingness, and commitment through action to make your future come true no matter what the odds will bring along the journey to that future you want.

Therefore, each day that come God supplies us each with 24hours of time. But what is important is not time, but how you and I organize our activities effectively determined by the 24hours time we are given each day. And the reason why successful people are successful and why unsuccessful people are unsuccessful is how they spend their time.

Many people at their conscious stage want a successful, health, and happy future; while deep inside their subconscious mind their saying ‘I can’t’ ‘I don’t deserve this’, their doing nothing to bring that life they desire into reality. Actually it’s not what you speak loud in your conscious mind, but what you whisper quietly in your subconscious mind that’s what creates the life you are experiencing now.

Failing to plan your plan to happen, is planning your plan fail you. Knowing is not enough, enough is to apply what you know. Goodness pays for the goodness you know by application. Have you held of this saying that “God helps those who help themselves first” It’s also true that mind helps those who help mind first. Time helps those who work with it productively. Today is the only time to live, to dream, and take action upon your dreams; our future is today inner experienced, and we experience things at two levels, inner experience and physical experience; and what we are experiencing now is the result of our inner future expressing in our now physical reality.

How do you expect good energy to help you when you can’t produce good energy for yourself? How do you expect God to change you, when you are not willing to make a change in your life? The only way to create a good future is to be willing to change how you think of your time now. If you think and act effectively with now time, you will create an effective future, so is the opposite too. What you think now, you attract and create, and become what you call your future, but created in the present now. Plan effectively now, by failing to do so, is planning to be a failure to your future.                       

The world is full of dreamers, but few doers. Many think of a beautiful future but only a few take actions to bring those dreams to life. Many wish, wish, dream, dream, talk, talk and never took any single step to bring them to reality. Therefore, a dream without reality is a lie, just a wish and energy waster. Others have confidence in talking about how great there dreams are, but have no confidence in taking action and bringing them to life. Others talk loudly about their dreams, but subconsciously are afraid of their dreams. Confidence and faith in your dreams, is measured by taking action upon your dreams.

“Confidence and faith in your dreams, is measured by taking action upon your dreams” – Maradona Chalwe

Others think a good future comes by chance. This is the myth many people like to accept about future that it only comes as a result of “luck” or “chance.” But future is a matter of chance, if you take the only chance you have today, today. Future is something you create through what you do with your time now. Your future is a game of cause and effect, your cause it yourself, not by wishing for chance, but by taking actions on your goals, dreams, ideas or vision of the future you want to happen to you in future. The foundation of your future, you construct it in this present time, depending on the activities you invest your thought in now. Your future is in two ways, negative or positive, depending on how you think and use your lifetime now. Plant the seed you want, to get the future you want.   

Some have come to believe in this saying, “Only God knows my future” of which I fully accept this proposition. Most religious are still teaching this belief, however as a ‘god’ or ‘co-creator’ as psalms 82:6 says, “You are gods, and all of you are children of the most High”, human beings must bear responsibility for what God has put in their lives. God has put a destiny to fulfill, which you must nature, improve and bring to life. Your future is how you think it – think it well and super to enjoy it in wellness and in superness into reality.

“The future depends on what we do in the present”

– Mahatma Gandhi