A gifted teacher is a teacher who teaching is his calling, his passion, or his talent; and he does not teacher because there is money first, but it’s his or her purpose to fulfill on this earth. A gifted teacher knows why he or she is on this earth for.

A great teacher does it for purpose; a good teacher does it for a paycheck, for money. A great teacher is service first, money second. A good teacher is money first, service second. The school teaching organization is filled with many good teachers and few great teachers; that’s why it has many problems.

A Fake Teacher: A fake teacher is after money, and many teachers today are fake teachers. Many of the teachers are just after money, a paycheck and not actually to provide health services in the education organization. Fake teachers are wimps, meaning the “Where Is My Paycheck” people. Fake teachers dominate the education organization. Today almost everyone wants to join the teaching industry simply because a paycheck is promised after graduating, though it’s becoming chaotic today simply because it’s overcrowded.

A Forced Teacher: A forced teachers knows some truths about the school system training way, but cannot teacher that truth to students simply because is not allowed to teach that which he or she is not told teachers to teach.  In short teachers are not allowed to teach subjects which are not in the school-system syllabus.

For example teachers are not allowed to teach about money, not allowed to teach about thinking; money and thinking is not the subject taught in school and it’s not even in the school subject syllabus. Some teachers know that the school system training way is not an effective way to train students, but because they have no authority to change it and no say, they therefore just watch and let things be as they are even when they are wrong.

Some teachers know that the school system has to change its old obsolete outdated 20th century industrial age employee training way and introduce the new information 21st age entrepreneur training. Some teachers know that school old training way is the one causing even more crimes, poverty and unemployment today by teaching students to become employees to look for a job when their fewer and fewer jobs on the market place today, and we have more than enough employee minded people on the market place. Jobs with peanut butter wages on the market place, which cannot even sustain an employee the whole full month.

Some teachers know the untold information to students, knows the corruption behind the school organization, but cannot say it because they have no authority, and they are afraid they might get fired from a job. The purpose of the school-system training way is to mass produce slaves (employees) to work hard for the rich and pay more taxes to the government. A forced teacher knows the truth, but the environment does not allow that truth to be taught or shared.

A Gifted Teacher: A gifted teacher brings out greatness from students. Inspires and motivates genius within students. Albert Einstein said, “Inspiration is more valuable than knowledge”. I love and appreciate teachers who devote themselves to helping students learn about themselves. A gifted teacher inspires and motivates genius within students. Gifted teachers mainly break away from the school-system training way.

I have personally been inspired by many wonderful teachers in my lifetime. At the same time I have been disturbed by the system of our education system that focuses on instructions that twists teachers and students to serve institutions instead of serving the unfolding brilliance within humanity. A great teacher is a gifted teacher, is a doctor who heals ignorance and an artist who inspires and motivates creativity within students.