A real boss makes things work for him, not the other way round. Boss means ‘Become – owner of – self – success’” – Maradona Chalwe

Money Works For You

As an employer or your own boss with enough money, your money will work for you, and if you want your money to work harder for you; it’s all in your own hands. A true boss learns to make money work for him or her, not the other round. Money is a tool to get and do anything you want.

Employees Work For You

Money is a tool, so is an employee though is human, is a tool. Am working on the book which will come out in days, “The 7 Tools That Make The Rich Richer”, and money and employees are among the tools that make the rich get more richer.

Business Works For You

Not you to work for the business. A true boss builds a business that when he or she is sleeping or working, cash still comes in. Entrepreneurs build businesses that are bigger than them.

“The 7 Tools That Make The Rich Richer” which will be published in days, it will be a free download will explain more in detail about the boss advantage. Leave a comment below

“The boss advantage is that money and workers are tools to get what you want done” – Maradona Chalwe