You get and become what you go to school for. School is very important, very important because it teaches us to learn to write and read, meaning to remove some percentages of illiteracy. School is an important institute to learn what you want. But you don’t have to go to school because everyone is having an MBA degree to enter in an employment-process.

Remember also that it doesn’t mean that if everyone is doing it, that means you have to do it too. It doesn’t mean if everyone is doing it that means it is right for you too. School is a personal choice, not a forcing choice. You have to go to school with a meaningful reason that should sustain and fulfill you for a lifetime.

Like I like saying, some people go through school without thinking, while others have not been through school but they are thinking. The reason or belief you go to school with is what you will give you a life after school. If you go to school in order to become an employee or employer, that’s what you will get, but 99.9% we go to school to become employees, that’s the fact. You reap what you have sown in your mind. I believe almost everyone has heard these words from our parents, families or other people that;

“Go to school, study hard to get good grades, get into college also get good grades, then find a good safe secure high paying job with retirement benefit and your job will take care of you.”

This is one reason and belief many people are into employee-employment process, because that’s what they been conditioned to believe and follow as a reason for going to school. But in this generation we are in, this is a rotten advice you can give your child.

You should go to school to discover your Genius, your talents, to learn to think, in short to learn what you already have within you; but our school systems doesn’t teach this, so many student end up becoming employees because that’s what it trains students to become and do. You should go to school to learn self-control, not to be controlled by others or controlling other people’s businesses.

That’s why the great majority of working force in the world are employees, because of the same school-system of job conditioning of minding other people’s businesses, instead of your own businesses. That’s why few are employers or business owners in this world, that’s why 90 percent of the people work for the 10 percent of the people in this world. Just because of a single reason and belief, job-mentality. You should to school to become an entrepreneur.

Some people end up even going into college to do a $120,000 MBA certificate that pays them $15,000 per year through a job, that’s waste of money which also is financial-illiteracy. Your career is very important which you should use to be making more money come in than you spent at school. But if you go to college, make sure your investment in college will return more than what you invested into college, but today the majority it doesn’t in a year, its more years than the years they spent in school.

Investment is all about return-more, but if you return less than what you invested for in school? Loser. Yes you can make mistakes, but that’s not a guarantee. The guarantee for investment is to return more than you invested, whether money or personal development investment etc; it has to return-more. The point today is that; you should go to school to know who you are (Know thyself), what you have within, and more importantly go to school to become an entrepreneur, your own boss, not an employee to slave for somebody else for cheap labor.

“You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset”

– Tom Hopkins