The unthought reason off for the majority why most people are experiencing meaningless, struggling and unexciting lifestyles is that they have never taken time to sit their minds and ask themselves what they really want for themselves, what their life is really meant for; instead they don’t think enough and just follow what everyone else is doing, and following what they have been taught to do instead of asking why they do as told and why they follow what everyone else is doing?

This makes most people feel inner worthless because they do already know that they do not have full control over their lives, but only controlled by what a few people’s thought tell them to do and follow. And the only way you can have control of your life is to own your purpose, create your destiny, taking control of your life and create the perfect life you want, not others telling you the life to live. Owning your life is an essential step in creating a life you really want. Author of the bestselling book ‘the seven habits of highly effective people’, Dr. Stephen Covey put it clear that; “Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven’t paid the price to decide what is really important to them”.

Most to date just drift through life like wind, and wonder why their lives are unsettled. You can only live a fulfilled life through understanding and take action upon what your life is meant to be, do, have and share into this world. If you cannot take charge of what you are already are, to be, do, have and share into this world, you are not in control of your life. Our real treasure is hidden within ourselves and to not find our treasures within is to reject yourself and the extraordinary design of this life.   

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