“The greatest weapon to defend yourself is your mind, and the weakest link for someone to use to defeat you is your mind” – Maradona Chalwe

If you were told at your work place that they have a job security, you are being manipulated and blinded, Security is conscious mindset. The only job-security there is, is self-conscious-security you use to protect yourself from harm or injury when you are working or doing any activities weather you are an employee, employer, footballer etc.

Self-conscious-security or spiritual-conscious-security is our birth right security that each person should be awakened to realize and utilize; not limited and fake outside ourselves security like this one so called job-security. The security which your company says they have is only a mental manipulating security, blinding you from seeing the real picture of the real rat race trap you are swimming and sinking yourself in.

If you got a job because you were told that it has Job-security; you have accepted to put yourself in a longer-dormant dependence rat race trap-cage. A job said to have company-security is a mental manipulating trapping cage. Job Trap cage or job-security, is a mental manipulation technique that employers, the government use on employees in order to create some artificial sense of security, to create some comfort at your current job, in order to keep an employee to work hard and even steal an employee’s money through a retirement investment plan.

And sense of security is which blinds employees from not fully worrying or being concerned about preparation of their future lifetime, more especially if you have many years to retire from your present job, making you think you have plenty of time and years to plan your future before your retirement time up simply because the government or the retirement defined contribution (DC) plan blinds you that it will take care of an employee when they retire. The problem is that the defined contribution plan is there to contribute to the government, and not to an employee, that’s why it is called defined contribution; it was defined.

Today many employees are retiring only to realize their Defined Contribution retirement plan has already been used up by the government; it seems most pensioners won’t be retiring these years we are in now simply because they were manipulated that there is job security when in reality it was a way plan to use up their money by the government to benefit its self.

Remember that the greatest weapon to defend yourself is your mind, and the weakest link for someone to use to defeat you is your mind. There is no such thing as job security, but only conscious security.