The tragedy of life is not death, but that which die in us without being used. It’s wiser and health to live part of, to test part of your dream than none at all, and reason is simple, your purpose or your potentials within utilized, awakens others potentials to be realized, utilized and shared too. Remember that everything affects everything. What you do affects others too. In short what you do either empowers or disempowers someone’s life.

Dreams awaken other dreams. A genius awakens another genius. An example of the Wright brothers simplifies such very well here, Wilber and Orville Wright inventors of the Airplane, however they were not the first dreamers of the idea and attempting to inventor the airplane. The dream founder, maybe; was Otto Lilienthal the great glider pilots of the late nineteenth century. It was until 1896 that the two became interested in Otto Lilienthal airplane experiments. And did it, they fulfilled the dream that was tested.

As said a dreamer awakens another dreamer. A genius awakens another genius. That’s why it is better to test your purpose, though not fulfilled, others might – maybe your grandson or daughter might pick it up and fulfill it. Everyone has a chain of dreamers and when you put your dream to reality you allow the next opponent of your dream chain to work on their dreams too; if not often it takes a bit longer for your next dream opponent to realize their dreams too; and this is how we kill other people’s dreams too because we are not living our own dreams too. Never get advice on how to live your own life-time from a person who does not live their own life-time.

“You kill your children, your community and your world by not living your own dream” – Maradona Chalwe

It has been said the most dangerous murderer is a person who does not live their own dreams. Now you can imagine today how Otto Lilienthal affected the Wright Brothers and how the Wright brothers have affected these other plane companies we are travelling on like Boeing, Virgin airlines etc, and many better ones are being invented. It’s better to live part of your life than not at all. A true failure of life is a person who never lived his or her life; that who never tested what he or she was meant for. Your purpose awakens others to realize their purpose too. And this is what it means to live on purpose, to live your own dreams, to live your own life.

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard” – Gaylord Nelson