Mistakes are made by the way we think, so they can also be solved by the change of the way we think. The fact is that an idea that mistakes are bad is a bad idea. Most of us have been brought up and conditioned to believe by school system that when you make a mistake you are a bad person, a loser, you are stupid, though most people might pretend outside, but inside it’s something else; by not accepting your mistakes this creates some defense mechanism within to do all it takes to denial, ignore or pass those mistakes to other people instead of solving them ourselves; and by doing that we fail to learn from them but again and again repeat the same mistakes or most all times, most of them even pass such mistake denial-habits to their own children and grandchildren.

“A mistakes is only sin when not admitted” – Bucky Fuller

It’s your belief perception system that matters most when it comes to mistakes made. This is one reason why most people never become successful in life, and never live the life they wanted, because they were or are busy avoiding to make mistakes to reach their dreams and desires because they are avoiding to sacrifice whatever they have now to get what they want later, simply because their afraid of failure and losing the little they have now.

Fear of failure in short. So they spend their entire lifetime struggling and experiencing a life below their means, a life of safe and security, which is illusion today. A life below our means of just existing as a tree, maybe a tree might be better because it’s making the world beautiful and sustaining oxygen for man to breathe too. Fact is, if people do not make mistake, they fail to learn; and if people cannot learn, the society is just producing more losers.

Mistakes are what make us grow as human beings, and without human beings learning from mistakes; we are just as ordinary animals like pigs are in the pig house are, even pigs can be better because they learn somehow. Remember, making mistakes is human, but lying about your mistakes is criminal, a criminal act known as perjury.