The following words must never escape your mouth:

1. I can’t do it: Better say I am willing to learn how it is done

2. I am bored: There are so many things you can do. Engage yourself in something to keep you busy.

3. I am feeling low: No matter how emotionally drained you are never let the devil know how you are feeling. Always project a positive image.

4. She is ugly: Everyone is beautiful in their own way. In 8th grade I did art at school. In that class we were taught how to use clay to make sculptures. I did not know it was that difficult until I tried

Boy did I not realize what ugly means? Some things we made had no resemblance to humans. If you want to know how difficult it is to make a human being get some clay and try making a statue. No one is ugly.

Nasinda Susiku
Business Motivational Writer. Fitness Maniac.