When parents are raising children they have to options.

1. To prepare their children for employment
2. To prepare their children for business

Employment offers false security.
Business offers freedom.

Considering we are in a developing country with slow growth and little economic activities it means employment opportunities are few and salaries are poor. So basically most parents prepare their children for the uninspiring life of being an employee.

While employment offers security business offers freedom.

When your parents have educated you they have done their part. You now need to chart your own path to freedom.

Your salary is just capital. No one got rich from being a worker except where one engages in corruption and fraud.

Use your salary to make investments that will help you diversify your income sources.

A lot of people look good when they are working but they are finished immediately they lose their job.

If you want to understand what I am saying ask for money from a person who is in employment. They most likely not give it to you not because they do not want to but because they are broke. In fact a worker gets broke way before he is paid. When he gets paid he just pays off his debts and goes back to being broke again. This pattern continues for many years. For some people it continues until retirement.

Wake up. We have businesses to run. Investments to make!

Nasinda Susiku
Business Motivational Writer. Fitness Maniac.