“Do not be afraid to correct your mistakes. Even Facebook was wise enough to add an edit button” – Nasinda Susiku

“The number of qualified people without jobs must worry you.
The number of qualified people with poor jobs must worry you.
Education must not condition you to look for a job. Rather it must open your mind to find legal ways of earning a living and living a meaningful life. A lot of people want to get a job in their area of training. You need not to. As long as you can work that is what matters. You can work for yourself or you can work for others”

– Nasinda Susiku

“A man who abandons his tree shade and walks away when he gets an umbrella is like a man who finds a concubine and runs away from his faithful wife. In both cases he will go back home when it gets blazing hot”

– Nasinda Susiku

He who panics will most likely miss the penalty. To score you need to be calm and precise. This is true in the bedroom too”

– Nasinda Susiku

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