“Christians stop fighting wealth and embrace it. You are busy embracing sin and fighting wealth instead of the other way round”

– Clance Musonda Chilufya

“Abundance is a natural phenomenon. Every seed (coin) planted yields 30 fold, 60 fold, or a 100 fold. This, therefore, means that every seed (coin) not planted but eaten is a lost opportunity to making 30, 60, or 100 fold of the same. Every coin counts”

– Clance Musonda Chilufya

“It’s foolish to comfort ourselves in poverty, thinking we are not the only ones suffering. Our suffering is not because everyone is suffering, it’s not because the economic atmosphere is not conducive, but because of the wrong choices we made, especially during boom periods.
Even when the economy is bad those who prepare for emergency, economic downturn and for good future still prosper” – Clance Musonda Chilufya

“A very thin line separates the rich from the poor, the haves from the have nots. It’s called belief” – Clance Musonda Chilufya