Lack of knowledge

Most people join network marketing business without fully understanding why their joining what their joining. You have to understand the network marketing system how it works. You have to research and attend seminars and associate with network marketing minded people.

Lack of Self Confidence

Some people don’t believe in themselves that they can succeed the way others have succeeded in the network marketing business. Believing in one self is half way success won in anything you choose to achieve. You cannot succeed at anything if you don’t believe in yourself even if the world believes in you; it has to begin with you first.

Just After Quick Money Making Only

If you join network marketing just to make quick bucks, and when it takes some time, months without quick money coming in, most of them usually quit or go look for another company that can offer them quick money; but they usually forget that network marketing business is not about making quick money first; it’s about helping yourself and helping others.

You join network marketing business to change you from employee or self employed mentality to business owner mentality; from making money mentality to creating wealth mentality. Network marketing business is a wealth generating asset and can only be achieved by helping people in your network become successful too. If you empower your down line successfully, your down line and there down line too will be your asset and there asset too that will bring in you wealthy whether working or not working. Its not only also the products too, its building wealthy and helping others.

You join network marketing business to empower yourself and others to move from employee pay check seeking mentality to becoming a business owner mentality, to build your own wealth generating business. And the principle is this; if you give others a better life, you will receive a better life in return; that’s what network marketing is all about. That’s richest people in the world work to build networks, the rest work for money.

Lack of Leadership Skills

Everyone in network marketing business is a must to become a leader; reason being it’s you building your own business, and your responsibility to empower your down line team too. You should not build followers, but leaders who will continual building their down line as leaders too who will also continual building leaders too. Network marketing business is about becoming the leader of your own business and life. As a leader you must be able to attract, build and motivate a great team.

Lack of Selling Skills

Sells = Income. Selling = attracting people to joining your network marketing business. Being able to attract, build and motivate a great team as a leader is a selling skill. If you can’t sell you cannot build your network. Therefore develop the ability to sell and also teach others in the business how to sell, how to become great team leader players, and how to succeed. Remember if you cannot sell, you won’t make money simply because sales = money or sales = attracting people to join your network; and last one why most don’t make it in network marketing is,

You Are Others

The reason why most people fail in network marketing business is because their others, they follow what others tell them and who have no knowledge, and desire to do or become business owners. I remember I joined in 2010 TIENS network marketing business and had no much knowledge about network marketing business; whoever I approached discouraged me, friends, and family; it’s a scam, and gave up, quit. The good thing is I kept on studying it and joined another company BF Suma network marketing business after some knowledge and much desire and the guys really want me to be teaching and motivating and building a great team; that’s networking marketing is all about, becoming a leader.

Network marketing business cannot be for everyone especially the closed minded people who only believe to follow through the cooperate leader of employee life. If you want to join network marketing business, this is the time; and don’t let anyone who has no idea or who gave up to stop from joining the business, it’s a business of the 21st century. Follow your thoughts and live your life.