The problem is most people have been conditioned to be poor in thoughts, emotionally, words and actions by what I call metal conditioning institutes. Remember that the mental conditioning institute are a few group of people that control other people’s minds mostly unconsciously, and the problem with a few of these people is that they program their fellow human-beings with ignorance and negativity to keep them away from not living their own lives, not thinking for themselves and not realizing who they were meant to be, do, have and, share. Examples of such mental conditioning institute are;

  • Family: Most people let their family determine who they become with their lives, not what they want to become with their own lives. Over 95 percent of the families have conditioned themselves to follow and do the same thing generation after generation; if the followed beliefs are of pain and anger, then pain and anger keeps on being passed from generation without even questioning why we follow what we follow.
  • Religion: Most people let their religion determine who they become with their lives, not what they want to become with their own lives. Religion manly takes away your individuality away.
  • School system: Most people let school system and certificates determine who they become with their lives, it determines them by becoming employees to work for the rich people. School system purpose is to train you to become a slave for the rich and the government.
  • Government: ‘Govern’ means to ‘Control’ and ‘Ment’ means ‘Mind’. Government means Mind-Control. The government is there to control your mind if you let it. A government is your friend if you help it to prosper economically and you will control together, but if not, it will condition you to become who it wants you to be; its slave.
  • Friends: Most people let their friends determine and make decisions for what they do not want to do and become for their lives. If you have poor friends, you either already conditioned poor or you will be conditioned poor sooner.

Remember that “You become the five people you associate with most times”, said Jim Rohn. We end up becoming what our environment conditions us if we let it, but if we are in control of our own mental-environment we will condition ourselves with empowering thoughts and habits and determine for ourselves who we want to become in our external environment, and not our family, religion, job, school, government and friends to determine who we want to become.

Do your own thing and live your own life, stop following and doing what everyone else is doing simply because it’s what everyone else is doing or just because It’s what everyone else wants you to do. To own your life, you must first own your mind, not letting your family, friends or the government take control of your mind.  You can be in control of your life while the government is in control of the country, but that doesn’t mean the government is in control your life.

Therefore, the reason why most people let other people control their minds is that they want to be taken care of. The poor want the security of the government to take care of them; the middle-class want the security of their jobs to take care of them but the rich want freedom to take care of themselves, that’s why they decided to get rich.

It’s easier letting other people take care of you than you taking care of yourself and manly when it comes to financial responsibility, that’s why most people become employees of the rich people and the government simply because they want to be taken care of financially.

Moreover, if you want to become rich or successful in your life, you must first fully own, control and take responsibility of your inner world and then fully take responsibility for whatever happens to you in your physical world, simply because to become rich means to ‘Take Control’, to become rich means to “Take Responsibility for everything you have and whatever happens to you in your invisible and physical world”.

I have never hear of a rich person who is not in control of his or her own life, but I still hear many poor and middle-class people who are not in control of their own lives, they still want the government, God, families, religion, job or their employers to continue taking care of them throughout their life time. Take control of your life.