We are in the new economy, new century and things have changed, are changing but most of us are still in the 20th century and we are wandering why things are not working the way we want them but not realizing that you cannot operate with old world rules in a new world rules; so is our school-system operating with old industrial age rules when we are in the new economy. Here are my 4 proposed new training school should adapt too, not these old obsolete way it stills training students in this new world economy.

  1. Train students to read and write with at list some basic subjects from grade 1 to grade 12, high school level. But whoever wants to become an employee for the government and the rich people can proceed to college.
  2. Train students to self-actualize their potential, talents, genius or God given gifts and work on them to make them come true.
  3. Train students street entrepreneurship, practical one not a theory one of reading old books that most them have become obsolete to use and train students from in this new economy.
  4. Train students to combine their reading and writing, talents and entrepreneurship skills to build a business that should serve as many people as they can reach in their community, country and with this internet to reach as many people as they can in this world.

This is my proposal, and with this global high rise of unemployment and fewer jobs on the market place, I believe this proposal can make a difference and it’s what has made a big difference to rich entrepreneurs in this world; not school-system training, is obsolete today. Our school needs a change of training students, why train more students to become employees when we are having fewer jobs on the market each day that comes, that’s what I call insanity. The world needs more students to be trained to become entrepreneurs. Think about this.