If you have no plan to become rich, you have a plan to become poor whether you thought about or not. If you have no plan to become health, you have a plan to become sick. All has got opposites.

Most people say only God knows my future, I don’t subscribe to that saying myself. If God knows people’s future why do most of them end up with a poor, miserable and sick future? It’s like what Robert Kiyosaki’s rich dad said that, “I don’t think God cares if you are rich or poor. God loves you any way. But it you want to be rich, then choose your church and preacher carefully”, rich dad lesson. I believe God helps those who help themselves first and even helps more of those who help others too.

Although some circumstances happen unknowingly, but that’s rare; but when it comes to the matter of future, our future depends on what we do in this present moment, not what we think we will do 5, 10 years from now. The future is now, it’s today, it’s you today your future, what you do now is what you will manifest and harvest in your future. If you are making excuses of your future today; that’s what your future will become, Mr. Excuse Man. 

What we experience now is the reflection of what we thought and did in our past moment. Take charge of your future now, future job security is ancient history, the government is no longer able to care of its people financially, and unemployment has gone through the roof like no mans business. Today it’s a waste of lifetime to depend your financial lifetime to be cared by others especially your job, pension, family or a government simply because you will end up as Bob Proctor talked about materialistic people that “If you peel away the material possessions or position of a person whose confidence is based upon their exterior world, there is nothing left of them. Make certain you have developed a center of inner strength within yourself that will enable you to stand, despite whatever confusion or bewilderment may be taking place”.

Remember, your future is your responsibility. Your future is your cause and your effect. Cause and effect the future you will be happy to experience, not the future you will be regretting about. Take charge of your future and “Let others leave their future in someone’s else hands, but not you” said Jim Rohn.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”