“A day spent in activities of any kind, is a day better spent than one of brooding and moping.” – Elizabeth

Time is always constantly moving and does not wait for any one; you have to move with time; because time movement is progress or progress missed. Moreover, I have come to understand that there is no time management, only action management. You can only manage your action, by that you manage yourself as self-improvement mentor, Attorney Robins said, “Action is destiny”.

Time keeps on moving whether you take action or not, it’s constantly moving. No matter what we do now, if you invest your thoughts in activities and projects which do not enrich you, it is time lost forever. Make the best use of what lies within you with the time asset you are have now.

Fun thing is People take courses in time management, and still end up having no time to do things which are necessary for success. We don’t need a time management expert to tell us the how; all we need is to begin managing ourselves towards important ideas. Remember action is destiny, without action nothing happens.

“A minute spent gaining knowledge is a minute spent wisely and productively” said Brian Adams. The moment you begin to think of time as precious and that it has a price, the richer you will see yourself to become, and you become what you invest your time in most in life. Rich people become rich simply because they invest most of their time in rich ideas and activities, so is the opposite.  Enrich your time in rich activities.