“The empires of the future are empires of the mind” – Winston Churchill.

The world is not the world was 20 years ago and will not be the world 20 years in future. Things are changing every time, and if you are not keeping up change misery is your destiny. Those not thinking for themselves too failure is their destiny. Those thinking working through school system that is having a degree and a job are the keys to success, failure is their destiny and it’s just a matter of time. School-system needs to change; it needs to upgrade its software.

Today we have vehicles with tires spinning on the road, years from now we will have vehicles moving on air like air planes do. The only secret to failure today is to believe that what worked today will work in the future. People who are facing misery today are people who do not want to let go of the old obsolete ideas and beliefs.

The key secret of success today, is continuous letting go of the old ideas and adapting to work with new ideas. Alvin Toffler put it clear here that “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot unlearn, learn and relearn.” This holds truth today as was said many thousands of years ago that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:6, the Bible.

It’s letting go of the old information that we will begin to see infinite opportunities in front of us. It’s in not letting go of the old information that humans remain holding on to the world that no longer exists. Today most people are still holding on to the industry age old world that has come to an end and even now fading away at a faster rate.

An old industrial age world of go to school, get good grades, get high paying job with benefits, save money, live below your means, save for a long-term in mutual funds or stokes, buy a house as your asset, the government will take care of you, a pension will take care of you etc; all these beliefs have become obsolete in this technological age.

Most people today are not moving forward simply because they are still living in the past. You cannot move forward by going backwards. You cannot become wealthy living below your means. You cannot have an advanced standard of living with a lower standard of thinking. You cannot have advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking. You cannot move forward when cutting back. Learn to adapting change.