If financial education was introduced in schools, what do you think can happen? Will it increase more good among the two groups, the rich and the poor or ?, am saying this because i have observed that without financial education in schools is among the reason the poor and middle-class students are manipulated and controlled when they leave school into the real world and become employees.

What would happen if financial education was introduced in schools? It seems the government and the few rich would have less future customers to work for them and student would not even be finishing schools simply because the only thing that gets the majority of people into school is a belief of “go to school so that you can get a high paying job”, but if they knew how to make their own money rather than earned money through a job, who the hell would what to continual wasting time in school studying hard for a little Pay-check when someone knows how to build his or her own business that generates Cash-Flow money for him. Just to begin with me, I would not much time there, like i did.

Money is power, it generates freedom; just look at the rich. This is why rich people don’t believe in school-system as the only way to a successful life, only poor and middle class people do. Reason why school system is there is to make more people ignorant to the world money so that they can work hard to pay more in taxes to the government and the government can continual controlling them.

The idea of grades, which student got the highest grades in mathematics or chemistry, or at a graduation day – is an intelligent student and will become successful after school, is a useless way of learning or training. Students learn differently like the way we grow differently mentally, emotionally and physically. Why put one system that cannot work and benefit thousands of students everyone but only few of students, school needs different types of systems that work for different way of learning for each students, not just one system; and if a student fails to learn from the already put system of learning, their labeled stupid and dull, that’s a stupid system. Albert Einstein put it clear here that “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Leave a comment below.