Everyone depending on what they have been taught about money from their homes, school or religion, or what they learn everyday invests in that accordance as learn’t. Everyone is an investor in life, but it depends on whatever you invest whatever you invest in. Everyone invests in one way or the other and this is a brief summary of what these three groups invest their money and life in too; as said everyone on this earth invests in one way or the other.

The Poor Class

  • Large Family; in hope children will take care of me in old age.
  • Government support programs; for example social well-fare funds or security coverage.

The Middle Class

  • Good education
  • High paying job
  • Profession (Lawyer, Accountant, Teacher, Engineer, etc)
  • Home
  • Savings
  • Retirement plan
  • Mutual funds
  • Small real estate investments

The Rich Class

  • Good financial education
  • Build business
  • Large real estate investments
  • Private equity funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Personal money manager
  • Private placements
  • Limited partnerships

Everyone is an investor in this world, but it all depends on what you invest your money or life in, and that’s what you harvest or you will harvest as your reality with your life. Life is an investment, therefore invest it in profitable activities. Leave a comment below