I DROPPED out of college not because I wanted to, I dropped out because I had no money to continue pursuing my law degree.

In 2015 I enrolled at the University of Lusaka School of law for a degree program. After 1 year 6 months there was no more money to continue, I felt bad because I loved the thought of becoming a lawyer.

This pushed me to start my own business, I teamed up with my long time friend, we started a company called Yatu Equity, officially incorporated in January 2017. Since then we have seen both Dark and bright days but we fought hard to build the company.

Today my company Yatu Equity limited has grown into a growing business that can afford to pay for my university fees up to Masters Level if I wanted to. However I choose not to go back to university because I have found the best kind of Education called self Education, through Reading inspirational, motivational, spiritual business books I have come to learn a lot that I would not have learned if I stayed in law school to become a lawyer.

I believe am doing bigger things as a business owner than if I became a lawyer working at a law firm and waiting for a salary. Instead I chose to create jobs. Am glad to say I turned the negative into a positive.