The world today is not the world was 20 years ago and will not be the world 20 years in futures. Things are changing every time, and if you are not keeping up to change, misery is your destiny. Moreover, It does not mean if it worked yesterday is a guarantee that it will work today, things change. It does not mean if everyone is doing it, that means its right, rules are changing.

The secret key to success today is continuous letting go of the old ideas and adapting to work with new ideas. Alvin Toffler put it clear here that “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot unlearn, learn and relearn.” This holds truth today as was said many thousands of years ago that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, said Hosea 4:6, the Bible.

It’s letting go of the old information that we will begin to see infinite opportunities in front of us. It’s in not letting go of the old information that humans remain holding on to the world that no longer exists. Today most people are still holding on to the industry age old world that has come to an end and even now fading away at a faster rate.

Most people today are not moving forward simply because they are still living in the past. You cannot move forward by going backwards. You cannot move forward by living backwards. You cannot become wealthy living ‘be-low’ your means. You cannot have an advanced standard of living with a lower standard of thinking. Think advanced, and thinking advanced comes by upgrading your mind consistently with empowering ideas and knowledge on the daily basis.

From my research on successful people, the secret key to success today is continues updating of our minds with new empowering knowledge or information, as it is already that we are in the information age. Even “Knowledge is the new money today” said Robert Kiyosaki, international bestselling author Rich dad poor dad.

You cannot have an advanced standard of living without first having an advanced standard of thinking. You cannot move forward when cutting back. Success is empowering knowledge today, so is the opposite too. You upgrade your phone often, but when was the last time you upgraded your mind? You and I are meant to grow, to thrive, to change and to progress, and succeed; please don’t keep your mind or live your life as if you are a stone. Change is success today.