So what do politicians do to national problems? Just postponed promises and problems, and by doing this the problems of today are not solved, and you know that when a problem is postponed it gets bigger and bigger to solve than the solution you may use today. Today national problem are bigger than a political mentality and if not solved today my young generations will be the ones to pay a huge price of solving that problem in future.

Today most my fellow youths have no vision of their future, but their future is in these most poor political mentalities that have impotent future for most of you youths. Most of my fellow youths have no knowledge about their financial world and were its heading in the future. The only thing majority of youths know is to go to school simply because of a paycheck but without ever asking if school is a right place to become financially successful or a right place to die financially poor?

“Today national financial problems are beyond political mentality if you don’t know. It’s now everyone’s problem, I mean your problem”
– Maradona Chalwe

This is the reason the world is having more poor people and more poverty increasing, because more people are depending on most poor politicians running our countries and fake promises that cannot be fulfilled. The poor are getting poorer of because they are lead, following and ask for advice and help from poor people.

The poor are getting poorer today simply because they depend on poor politicians, majority of politicians are broke and poor people, is your president Rich? Citizens depend on poor politicians to solve their financial problems when politicians also are in the government board just to have a job too. Being a politician is a job just like the way a teacher, nurse, or police officer has a job. It seems all over the world when it comes to political choosing, we are accustomed to vote for poor leaders, and original insanity is as a citizen expecting a poor politician to help you become rich?

  • How can a poor person make another poor person rich, when they are all poor?
  • How can a poor person like majority of our global poor presidents make their country rich when they still think and do poor? Except Donald J. Trump my rich president; most presidents are poor.

The problem with governmental caused problems is that they still remain for the citizens simply because once that politician leaves the government office the problems still remain with the citizens, the voters. It was just a job a politician had too, that’s why the idea that the government will take of you or will take care of the poor financially is an obsolete, in fact just a useless advice in this generation and generations to come.

Youths it’s high time you took care seriously of your financial future and life. You are not guaranteed a living by someone out there in the real world; your financial life and life is your own responsibility to pick up, not your mother or father, not even your government and not even a job you have been promised in school is responsible for your life. It’s your life your responsibility. Moreover, you are no longer a child although most adults are still children waiting for the employer, religion or the government to tell them what to do for their lives.  

Your life is your responsibility; I leave you with words from David Sarnoff founder of American Radio Cooperation who said the same things that “Don’t be misled into believing that somehow the world owes you a living. The boy who believes that his parents, or the government, or anyone else owes him his livelihood and that he can collect it without labor will wake up one day and find himself working for another boy who did not have that belief and, therefore, earned the right to have others work for him”.