Many people look at what education does, but they don’t look at what happens when they retire. Too many people appreciate much while they are working that education does a great job, however they miss out how they continue living when they received a pension.
True education is also a reflection of what happens when you retire because this is the time you can tell what are you going to do with your life as no one is going to keep paying you. We see people being brought to nothing after the pension package. This education in school today is the way of solving old problems not which are ahead of you. For example, after they retire and get the benefits, they start using money from their pension which is dangerous for everything is going to disappear.
True education is bricklaying yourself by considering yourself as builder not the government laying bricks for you. Meaning that you have to invest yourself beyond what you receive so that you won’t be subtracting money from your pension.  Do a lot of investments or else you will hate education.