“Your CHOICES say EVERYTHING about you, choose wisely” – Brad Lea
“Never let people that are not in the game influence YOUR next move or you may end up in their position” – Brad Lea
“Be who YOU were meant to be, not just what others want to see” – Brad Lea
“Surround yourself with people that talk about SOLVING problems, not creating them” – Brad Lea
“It’s lonely at the top if you don’t help anyone else get there” – Brad Lea
“There is nothing in this world that’s stopping you from achieving the LIFE you DESERVE, get COMFORTABLE with that” – Brad Lea
“Don’t be afraid to let go of what you DON’T want to go after what you DO want, even if you fail you’ll just end up where you are now!” – Brad Lea
“Truly successful people count others success as a WIN. Even if it doesn’t benefit them, they use it as MOTIVATION to go further, reach higher, and achieve MORE” – Brad Lea
“Your capacity for GROWTH is only limited by your willingness to LEARN” – Brad Lea
“Get uncomfortable! The SECRET to SUCCESS lies in the very thing you’re avoiding. The things that seem to break you actually MAKE you” – Brad Lea
“Never rationalize staying in a bad job, a bad relationship or bad circumstances. Life is TOO SHORT to be unhappy” – Brad Lea
“Most people don’t make it, not because they aren’t CAPABLE, but because they are surrounded by people who have accepted mediocrity” – Brad Lea
“Don’t be looking forward to the week-END, be looking forward to another day, another opportunity, another chance to make it happen! No matter what day that is, OPPORTUNITIES don’t END” – Brad Lea
“You don’t need any ones approval. It doesn’t matter where you came from, or what has happened in the past, it’s ALL about what you do NOW” – Brad Lea
“If you believe you’re LIMITLESS that’s what you’ll be, but if you think you have limitations, you CERTAINLY DO! Be Limitless” – Brad Lea
“Never give up on people who NEVER GIVE UP, they are rare and worth the effort to REACH them or TEACH them. I know, I am one of them” – Brad Lea
“Don’t wait to take a chance and grow yourself–you never know how many people you could inspire” – Brad Lea
“If you’re always looking to find shortcuts or the easy way, it’s going to be hard to find any kind of lasting SUCCESS” – Brad Lea
“It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it seems, every single choice matters, and if you want a GREAT life, start with great CHOICES” – Brad Lea
“Do something you’ve never done before, so you can BE someone you’ve never been before” – Brad Lea
“Don’t delay living your life waiting for the “PERFECT TIME.” You aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, next week, or next year—live your life NOW!” – Brad Lea