Stop living a favor of your family and stop doing a favor your family to neglect, ignore and not live your life because they are your family, including your friends too, simply because they can buy you a beer at your local Bar.

My question is you, are you living your family life or are you living your own life?

Family is wonderful, loving, caring and important, but it does not mean you become and do everyone else’s opinion or thoughts of your family. Your relative life is not your life and your life should not be your relative life. I believe if you do not follow your own thoughts, then you will follow the thoughts of a fellow who followed his own thoughts, like most of my friends, family and others out there who are the following the thoughts of a fellow who came up with a school and religion idea.

“If you don’t set goals for yourself. You are doomed to work to achieve the goals of someone else” – Brian Tracy

To live your own life is to take complete responsibility, full responsibility of your own thoughts, problems, and live your own dreams, goals and beliefs; not your government or employers dreams or goals. Your life is your life, you don’t need to blame or complain about your life on others, your life is your life, you create your own living and experiences through your own thoughts, and your life is your own life; make the best of it, you are the one who has to live it.

Stop doing a favor your family because they are able to sponsor your college or school tuition fee, then that’s the guarantee for you to do careers or things that do not fulfill, satisfy or make you happy. Remember, if you are not doing things you love, you are wasting your