Greatness is our birth right and only one can make oneself great, all it requires is making a decision and commit to that no matter the odds, you have to work hard your ass more on that decision, and get my point, it always pays off. If others can do it, you, I and everyone else can do it. If it has been done, it can be done and even done more.

I learnt this when I decided that I want to become a writer that if you do what successful people have done, have always and are always doing, you will eventually too become successful at that thing. And you are reading this article on my Remember that greatness is our birth right, and we are here for greatness, if you just commit to be that greatness.  

“The difference between the great and the near great is the realization that if you expect to make it big you must work toward your objectives everyday” said Zig Ziglar,  Motivational Speaker, and Author: See You At The Top. Greatness is meant for everyday, live great everyday.