Have you ever wondered who a person becomes as they are growing up and latelyin life stick to that life or stuck in that life. It has been said by the title that you become what you read, watch and whom you associate or hang around with the most, is who you be, do, have and share in your life-time and others life-time the most in this life.

You Become What You Read

A good example is, have you ever thought why an employee ended up becoming an employee and why an entrepreneur ended up becoming an entrepreneur. It’s the type of information they read and listen too that has made an employee became an employee and an entrepreneur became an entrepreneur.

You will realize that kids from the homes of most poor and middle class into the school training system, kids are taught to mainly read information and listen to advice that makes them end up becoming an employee and work hard for money popularly heard;

  • Go to school, get good grades, find a high paying job with benefits, save money, buy a house and car as an asset, and a job will take care of you”,

And this is how kids, children or students end up becoming employees like most of their parents too, and as school-system is built to create employees who work for the employer and for money. Point is, kids are not born employees, it’s a learned behavior, that’s why school shapes students mind to become employees, and not entrepreneurs.

Remember that most people’s lives are negative because they are busy reading negative information especially in news-papers were so much negativity is published.

You Become What You Watch

Jim Rohn said “Successful people have libraries; the rest have big screen Tvs”. It does not mean that successful people don’t watch Tv, they do, it’s just that they spend time watching films or documentations that empower or makes them become more successful with their lives, in fact they spend their time watching Tv less and more time empowering themselves with success information from books and conversations; but the reason why the unsuccessful are unsuccessful is that they spend more of their time watching films or news or documentations that mainly are negative; as for  someone defined CNN as Continues Negative News, that’s what they end up accepting and experiencing as a way of life. Some people even auto record negative news in advance.

Another example, children learn a lot by what they see mostly not by what they hear most, am pretty sure that’s why some kids end up mostly becoming their parent’s behavior.

You Become Whom You Associate With

Environment is more powerful than heredity. The author of “Rich Woman”, Kim Kiyosaki quoted, “We are products of our environments. People and surroundings all influence who we become and how think; surround yourself with people you want to become”. You become the people you spend most times with including your husband or wife. A poor man is poor because they spend most times with poor persons. Middle class is middle class because they spend more time with middle class persons. A rich person is rich because he spends more time with rich persons.
You become whom you associate with the most, as Ogedegbe Clement said, “Too much association with vision-less people will blur your vision until you finally lose sight of you. True identity”. Be cafeful with people you spend most times with.
You become what you read most, you become what you watch most and you become like people you spend time with most. Jim Rohn said, “You become like the most 5 people you spend most time with”. This is true, you therefore have to choose wisely your association if you want a successful with your life.