Think opposite, for this is the only thing you can do for you to win,because it brings creativity, imagination, new knowledge and ideas. And see different from million compound eyes. If you feel head-aching when you start thinking, then things are not okay with you. How many are we in the world? Billions. Now how many are doing fine? The answer is worrying; few of them. Why? Because of thinking in the same line of believing in poor philosophies like ‘ go to school, have goods and you will have secured job.’ Which does not takes place at all. The success of education without the use of the gift or talent brings accusations of theft. If it’s about the leaders of today, they accuse each other being corrupted and thieves. In the end, some are losing jobs and what they have. A secured job is only your talent integrated with wisdom. No one can take it Away from you, either one can burn it or borrow it. How many educated are in prison while they have Masters and PhDs? I don’t have much to say, he that has an ear let him hear.

Yours friend,

Renox Mutondo