We have been taught a very True lie that good grades in class will determine you a good life in the real world. The sad thing today is that we have more than enough graduates with grades passes in distinctions, full of chains of diplomas, degrees, masters at the market place that they cannot do anything productive with those school certificates but only waiting to be told what to do and only waiting for the government to give them a job.

We have more than enough college graduates on the streets today looking for a job, but cannot use the knowledge taught in school to create their own job or start a business; is school only there to create employees? This is what is causing high rising of unemployment today; why keep on training more students to become employees when we are having fewer and fewer jobs being created on the market place? That’s what is called insanity.

We have few entrepreneurs who are creating jobs on the market place, but graduating more than enough students looking jobs, and in addition artificial intelligence and robots are busy replacing human labor but we are still advising kids “Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying job with benefits and a job will take care of you”, this is being obsolete, when high paying jobs are extinction and if its pensionable jobs today they have become a story to read for kids when they walk up from bed, not when they are going to bed.

This believed life motto that “School is the key to success” is a myth and a joke today.  A successful life is not found in having ‘A’ class grades or having chains of diplomas and degrees; success is not about A’s and B’s tests, life is not about grades, life is richer outside class room. Success is not determined by grades; maybe was in the 20th century, but not in this 21st century; its brains that determine your life, it’s your mind, your thinking that will determine you a successful life if you learn to think successful or the opposite of that successful life.

It seems grades are not promised in the future; in fact grades have no future at all, now who is the future? You are the future; and if you are determining your future by your grades, you will not make it, for success is determined by the way of thinking. If you think well, your future is good. If you think incorrect, your future is not ok. It’s time to think twice, and take full control of your life to determine your life, not grades, not just a paper to determine your future and life. Life is richer than grades and richer outside class room.   

“In the near future, being an employee will be the least secure position in society”
– Robert Kiyosaki