It has been said that people don’t resist change, people resist being changed. We are no longer in the 20th century, and we all know that but most of us don’t want to let go of the 20th century behavior even when we already know that we are no longer in the 20th century. Each new day brings comes with its new way of doing things, but still some people remain comfortable with their old days of doing things and they wonder why their lives are still not getting ahead.

We know that we are no longer in the 20th century where our parents used to trade time and labour for a paycheck as a way of life and were a job was a key to success; but not today in this 21st century were artificial intelligence and robots is replacing human intelligence and labor and doing a better job than a human-being.  

20th century pensionable jobs too, do no longer exist, but some people are still holding on to that obsolete notion and still advising their kids that “Go to school get, get good grades, find a safe secure high paying job with benefits and you are safe for life”, this is an obsolete 20th century advice no longer working in this 21st century economy.

School system was designed to work for the 20th century economy, but we are no longer in the 20th century, but school is still training kids, students, or people the 20th century information, the 20th century way of doing things, and the 20th century lifestyle when we are no longer in the new economy, and when we should be learning in school the 21st century information, the 21st century way of doing things and the 21st century lifestyle economy.

It’s in not letting go of the old ideas that keep humans from not progressing forward. This is infinity truth; humans cannot move forward in this 21st century if their still holding on to old obsolete ideas of the 20th century. This is the reason why we have so much unemployment or unemployed students on the streets today simply because they cannot let go of old obsolete 20th century ideas and advice of “Go to school, get good grades, look for a high paying job and you are safe for life”. Each new day brings its new life while most students and people are still living their fathers and mothers old life.

The Rules of Money Have Changed

The old economy of save money for retirement is no longer working today; the money rules have changed, today money is no longer money, money is debt and the riskiest thing about money today is to save money for a rain day, simply because inflation keeps on going up and your savings money in the bank for a rain day will keep on becoming value less and less because of high cost of products and services raising each day.

Today savers are becoming losers because of inflation keeps on getting high and higher and stuck money for life in your bank account will keep on becoming value less and less. In this 21st century, money is debt; you must learn to use debt to progress your life, to invest money and build a business that will empower your personal, family and financial life on a daily basis.

“In times of change, the learners inherit earth, but the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with the world that no longer exist”

– Erick Hoffer; Author: The True Believer

The 20th century no longer exists and those still holding on to the old are guaranteed a failure life in this 21st century economy. The rules have changed, but most people are still holding on to the old rules. The secret to success today is in letting go of the old, is in learning something new each day that comes, but be careful were you get your learning from because if you are getting your learning in school, most school information is 20th century obsolete information that no longer works today. By the way school is just there to make you become an employee, to go work to make the rich and the government richer.

The only guaranteed for the 21st century success is in letting go of the old, taking worthy risks and keeping on updating your mind with new ideas, new ways of doing things and becoming an entrepreneur too, because the future belongs to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs take advantage of new economic changes, their always learning something each, and for an entrepreneur there is no graduation day to learning like most school graduates stop learning immediately they complete that university degree; that’s why they are found often on a losing side simply because “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn” said Alvin Tofflar. School has a graduation day, entrepreneurship has graduation day.      

The economy of yesterday is not a guarantee that it will be the economy of today or tomorrow. What worked yesterday is not a guarantee that it will work today or tomorrow, things have changed and are still changing rapidly and you better be changing rapidly too. The lifetime of our four fathers and mothers and our fathers and mothers is not a guarantee that it will work in our economy and economies to come; each new economy brings its new changes and new ways of doing things, and sticking and holding on to the old ideas of doing things is a sure way to a failure life in this 21st century economy and to come economies.