It’s seems religion, schools, and governments cannot and have failed to teach youths how to fish, but simply teaching youths to be given fish through training them to becoming employees, obedient blind religious followers and worshipers of man but not of God, training youths to depend on the government to take care of them of which today with this our financially unstable governments can no longer help its youths to reach a far life. Today national problems are beyond political mentality and if you still believe the government owes you a living out there, your life and future is in trouble.

As a youth, if you think your school certificate will continual helping you, your future is in problems, and if you think a job you have today will be there for your future and for your children, you have a problem future too. The future changed a long time ago. Today technology robots is doing more than 50% of our human labor and what do you think will happen if machines or robots begun doing 90% of our human labor? Do you think these fewer jobs we have today will be there in future for you, your children or grandchildren? Jobs are kicking out, entrepreneurship is kicking in. Empower your future Entrepreneurship.

Today most youths are still seeing the future of their parents when the world of our parents has changed. Most youths still believe in the past future of their parents that no longer exist today, so seem as if most youths of today have no future. Youths, our parents future is not our future today, the world has changed, what worked for our parents is not a guarantee that it will work for us today and future. If you still think what worked for your father and mother will work for you tomorrow, you are preparing your own troubled future. The future is change, keep that in mind.

“Sensible people will see trouble coming and avoid it, but an unthinking person will walk right into it and regret it later” – Proverbs 27:12, the Bible

Parents It’s high time you teach yourself and your children to learn how to fish, than only believing what school trains kids future to follow only one answer to life as an employee which is obsolete today; please train and educate yourself and your family to become entrepreneurs and investors, the future belongs to entrepreneurs. Today we need more wisdom of Lao Tsu who correctly said 600 years before the birth of Jesus Christ that “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed for a lifetime.”

“What we must reach for is a conception of perpetual self-discovery, perpetual reshaping to realize one’s best self, to be the person one could be”, said John W. Gardner, founder: Common Cause. Youth this is the time to take full control of your life; it’s your life and your own responsibility, not your governments, a job, parents, church or a school certificate, only you can make your life a success. Let’s take care of our future before we find ourselves swimming in the ocean of poverty and regrets. Empower your future.