Where is the time flying too? It is half way through the year.

I am fascinated why so many resolutions, plans and ideas remain dormant. What does it take to move from wanting to do something and doing it? The brain has to be programmed. You may have heard it all before that you have to create, a laser focused vision. Our brains work like a ‘google’ search engine. It looks for ways that you can achieve this vision. Haven’t you noticed that once you declare that you want to do something, then suddenly the options pop up. That is because the brain starts selecting for you based on your intention.

The trick is to keep reminding your brain of what you want! You have to write down and visualize the outcome. I always thought that affirmations were not for me – they always seemed too positive, and I would not feel convinced. Therein lay the problem, I didn’t believe in them to buff up my vision so of course they didn’t work. I have started writing out affirmation and am surprised how they are working for me.

Whether you want productivity in the workplace or a makeover in your life, it starts with taking the time, to sit down and contemplate what you want. So often, we send out mixed messages into the universe with exclamations like, “This has to change”, “I am stuck”, “Life is not working out for me”, “I am broke”, and many others. These become our self-fulfilling prophecies, and the brain googles, and selects all the examples of why this is true. To take control of what you create you have to have the right self talk.

Keep self correcting what you are thinking and turn the situation around. When you need to “shed you skin, like a snake”, and be alone then don’t deny these emotions. They are there for what reason. For review and revision and to take the next action. Working with vision, mission and goals it is amazing how hard companies and individuals find it to articulate in simple words and short sentences what these represent.

Take advantage of the fact we are half-way through 2010 (Now 2018) and do a gap analysis.

What did you plan to do and where are you now?
What is the gap?
What do you need to do now to correct that?

Write out your vision – again and how you will close the gap. It is possible that what you wanted in January, 2010 (Now 2018) is not the same in June, 2010 (Now 2018). That’s fine, just rewrite. Take the top three goals that will impact your life and write affirmations to support them.  Make sure that you use words that create the final picture. Keep that picture in your mind.

I am crazy about the world cup soccer. Did you see the Ghanaian team as they went into the locker rooms before their match? They were singing and were creating their own energy and vibe in unison. They went out and played the game. Listening to the soccer panel of experts the phrase that kept on coming up was not to think about the crowd, the awesome event, predictions for semi-finals but just play the game. What was impressive about the German team was that they were slick, fast and knew how they were going to play the game. It wasn’t by chance – a lot of practice went into reaching that level. So taking the examples from sport we know we have to practice and practice and that is all about repetition.

In office if you repeat daily the target that has to be reached and get the team to laser focus on attaining that goal then you will see a difference.

The other side of the coin is that you may want 2010 (Now 2018) to be a year without goals, just going with the flow and seeing where it takes you. There is nothing wrong with that either. Remember that what you sow, you reap. So make sure that you are happy with your free flowing.

We have to play the game and deal with every day as it comes and work out what is best for us. We are not spectators in our lives – we are the players. Watching the jubilation in South Africa during the World Cup made me realize that I don’t want to just watch but I want to be there. My former boss, Sean Gent, would always say “do you want to be the driver of the bus or a passenger?” As the driver you have to know when to apply the brakes and when to step on the accelerator. You have to take responsibility.

Life is full of possibilities and it starts with us directing our path and not leaving it to chance. Our lives are our responsibility and as soon as we realize that we are a players and not a spectator, we will get better results.